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Epidemic, Fear and Denial: How Every American is Threatened (Guest: Dr. Jane Orient, M.D.)

January 8, 2019

Dr. Jane Orient speaks on how the migrant caravan at the Mexican-American border brings risks of a health epidemic. Should the US look at Ellis Island for proper policy positions?

Dr. Orient has an interesting take on the emotional response to the migrant caravan being turned away from the Southern U.S. border and how there were more reasons to take control of the situation than simple politics. The threat of large groups of people with different immunities is a very real one. Dr. Orient reminds listeners that when the great waves of immigrants came through Ellis Island at the turn of the 20th Century, they were vetted and quarantined for a reason. Open borders, she says, forgets this very pragmatic step toward good public health policy. Additionally, Dr. Orient wonders why epidemics such as the 1918 influenza outbreak aren't considered a bigger concern from a policy perspective than climate alarmism.

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Sarah Lee is a policy advisor for health care and a host of Heartland's Health Care News podcast.
Jane M. Orient, M.D. is executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and president of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness. @jorient