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Evan Swartztrauber, TechFreedom: FCC Boots Up Net Neutrality Rollback

June 8, 2017

TechFreedom’s Evan Swartztrauber explains what net neutrality is and isn’t, and what to expect from FCC this summer.

In this episode of the weekly Budget & Tax News podcast, research fellow and managing editor Jesse Hathaway is joined by TechFreedom communications director Evan Swartztrauber, talking about the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) May 18 vote to begin rolling back a power grab initiated by President Barack Obama and former FCC chairman Tom Wheeler in 2015.

The definition of net neutrality has changed over the years, Swartztrauber explains, morphing from uncontroversial and bipartisan principles of how the internet should function to an ideological fight over how much power FCC should have over everyday people.

Before the power grab, the Federal Trade Commission regulated broadband providers, but FCC wanted more power and took it. Rolling back the power grab, Swartztrauber says, will benefit both internet service providers and the consumers using their services to get online.
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Jesse Hathaway is a policy advisor for budget and tax issues at The Heartland Institute. @JesseinOH