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Failure to Treat COVID-19 Patients Early Cost 450,000 Lives (Guest: Vladimir Zelenko, M.D.)

March 4, 2021

Dr. Zelenko, the first to publish a protocol to treat COVID-19 for other front-line doctors to use, details the utter failure of the United States in combatting COVID-19.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a family physician, was one of the first physicians to confront the COVID-19 pandemic in a big way. His orthodox Jewish community just outside New York City was one of the first areas to be hit hard by the virus. The community has a density of 35,000 people per square mile. Soon, Zelenko’s practice went from treating 50 patients a day to 250.  Zelenko had to act fast because medical facilities were shutting down. All focus was put on respirators and his goal was to keep patients OUT of the hospital.

Dr. Zelenko knew there were safe, existing drugs that could stop the virus from replicating. After some investigation and contact with treatment approaches in France, he designed a cocktail of drugs and vitamins for his most vulnerable patients. He used hydroxychloroquine until federal health agencies blocked access to such drugs.

Dr. Zelenko treated 1,000 high risk patients with COVID-19.  The mortality rate for older patients is 7.5 percent, equating to 75 patients per 1,000.  Dr. Zelenko was able to save all but three of them.

Other points of discussion:

- Pushback from the medical profession

- Pushback from the media

- Censorship from social media platforms

- President Trump, Scott Atlas

- Why Zelenko doesn’t wear a mask even though he is on chemotherapy and has one lung

- Thoughts on the vaccine… “not technically a vaccine.”

Find more at Dr. Zelenko’s website:

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