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Fracking: Miracle Technology with No Environmental Downside (Guest: Tim Benson)

July 10, 2018

Contrary to radical environmentalist claims, studies consistently show fracking is not harming air or water quality.

Three recent peer-reviewed studies confirm what more than two dozen others have shown, fracking is not polluting groundwater supplies. While environmentalists try to draw attention to phantom harms from fracking, the real story goes largely unpublicized: fracking has brought an American economic renaissance, making U.S. energy dominant, providing millions of jobs, lowering energy costs for drivers and homeowners, and improving the environment.
Tim Benson joined The Heartland Institute in September 2015 as a policy analyst in the Government Relations Department. @BenceAthwart
H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D. is a Heartland senior fellow on environmental policy and the managing editor of Environment & Climate News.