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Government is Ballooning out of Control Under Both Parties (Guest: Jonathan Bydlak)

March 6, 2018

Is it just Democrats that want a larger government or is it both parties? Who benefits from a larger government, the people or the bureaucrats?

In this episode of the Heartland Daily Podcast, Jonathan Bydlak, president of the Coalition to Reduce Spending, joins research fellow Jesse Hathaway show talk about Congress’ recent budget-busting spending deal and President Donald Trump’s new plan for infrastructure.

The spending deal, approved by Trump, busts through the Budget Control Act caps by $296 billion, but only pays for about one-third of the increases. Bydlak says the deal, hikes spending and guarantees that almost $1 trillion in new debt is created. Additionally, he says, the deal suspends the debt ceiling until 2019, allowing Congress to be even more fiscally irresponsible.

Bydlak says it’s time for cities and states to step up when it comes to fixing what’s broke, both politically and in terms of infrastructure, because too many people expect DC to do all of the work for them.

When many Congressmen campaign for office, they may talk about using taxpayer money wisely, but Bydlak says that’s often just talk. There are a few good elected officials in DC, he says, but most politicians are all right with increasing the cost and size of government when it’s their political party doing the spending.
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Jesse Hathaway is a policy advisor for budget and tax issues at The Heartland Institute. @JesseinOH