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Hamilton, Haskins: Trump Must Stop Obama's Single-Payer, 'Judgment Fund' Insurer Bailout Scheme

November 17, 2016

For this special edition of the Health Care News Podcast, host Michael Hamilton joined Heartland Executive Editor Justin Haskins on the other side of the microphone, answering questions from Donny Kendal, host of Heartland's In the Tank Podcast.

Hamilton and Haskins unpack their recent National Review article exposing the Obama administration's ongoing scheme to bail out health insurers using the Judgment Fund, a fund the Department of Justice uses to settle lawsuits against the federal government.

The Obama administration has promised to pay insurers in full for their losses under the ACA and has actually invited insurers to settle their claims, which totaled $2.5 billion in 2014 and could soon run as high as $15 billion.

By bailing out these insurers, the Obama administration hopes to keep fragments of the ACA alive through the Trump administration, until Democrats can retake Congress and the White House, in order to "upgrade" Obamacare into the long-touted Democrat dream of a "public option," a taxpayer-funded health insurer, the precursor to a single-payer health care system.

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Justin Haskins is the director of the Socialism Research Center and editorial director at The Heartland Institute. @JustinTHaskins
Michael Hamilton writes and edits for the liberty-minded clients of Good Comma Editing, LLC, a freelance writing and editing company. @MikeFreeMarket
Donald Kendal is a graphic designer for The Heartland Institute, a research fellow for Heartland's Socialism Research Center, and the host of Heartland's In the Tank Podcast and Stopping Socialism TV. @InTheTankPod