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Hampering Air Ambulance Development (Guest: Seth Myers)

December 9, 2019

Seth Myers, president of Air Evac, the largest independently owned and operated helicopter emergency medical service company in the U.S., joins the podcast to discuss how the government is stifling growth.

Air ambulance companies are under attack because a minority of patients are getting huge out of pocket bills when they’re insurance companies don’t cover the cost. Average bills are $42,000 and much of that has to make up for the underpayment by Medicare and Medicaid for the the service. 

Air ambulances have to respond on a moment’s notice and are subjected to expensive aviation and health care regulation and have to employ highly skilled professionals in remote areas. Myers discusses Senate Bill 1895, the Lower Health Care Costs Act and how this can impact the industry. The Air Ambulance industry favors an independent dispute resolution between insurance companies and service providers, data collection of all claims for consumer transparency and incentivizing network agreements.

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AnneMarie Schieber is a research fellow at The Heartland Institute and managing editor of Health Care News, Heartland's monthly newspaper for health care reform. @HCPolicy