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How Radical Social Entrepreneurs Can Revolutionizing Education and Much More! (Guest Michael Strong)

November 12, 2019

Michael Strong, head of Radical Social Entrepreneurs, argues that we are not keeping pace with rapid technological growth.

In a free market, entrepreneurs provide goods and services to satisfy the unmet consumer needs, including for products like laptops, smartphones, the internet that consumers don’t even know they needed but are delighted to find can enhance their lives.

Meet Michael Strong, head of Radical Social Entrepreneurs! He argues that technology is moving quickly, but our social systems — governance, law, community, education and culture — are not keeping pace.

Michael cut his teeth working on the best ways to educate inner-city children. His book The Habit of Thought: From Socratic Seminars to Socratic Practice is an education classic. He’s founded several innovative schools and co-founded Freedom Lights Our World (FLOW) with Whole Foods founder John Mackey.

Strong argues that we need radical innovation in law, education, community, culture, and governance. We need start-up communities and incubator cities, skill exchanges, crowd-sourced schools, open-source governments, and entrepreneurial legal systems. We need to do for our social systems what yesterday’s entrepreneurs and scientists have done for technology.

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Edward Hudgins is a senior fellow for The Heartland Institute.