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How Trump’s Executive Order on Medicare will Expand Care from Nurse Practitioners (Guest: David Hebert)

November 25, 2019

David Hebert, the CEO of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, discusses a recent Trump executive order looking to expanding the role of nurse practitioners.

On October 3, President Trump delivered an executive order aimed at shoring up the fiscal stability of Medicare and deliver better and more efficient care. A big part is expanding the role of non-physician providers like nurse practitioners and physician assistants. The order is expected to change some of the regulatory hurdles that stood in the way of NP’s from delivering more primary care.

Hebert will discuss the executive order, what it does exactly and how it will impact regulatory hurdles at the federal and state levels, what influence the order can have on private insurance, the emergence of “retail health” and how NP’s play a key role, and the debate of specialist vs. generalist and whether one can be more efficient than the other

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