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Ill Literacy, Episode 52: The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness (Guest: Joel Berry)

December 6, 2021

In Episode 52 of Ill Literacy, Tim Benson talks with Joel Berry, co-author of "The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness."

Heartland’s Tim Benson is joined by Joel Berry, managing editor of the news satire website The Babylon Bee, to discuss The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness. They discuss the Bee’s origin story, how Berry became involved with it, comedy and the art of satire, how staff go about choosing the articles they write, and what are some of his favorite pieces. They also discuss, of course, wokeness and why that moral panic is so much fun to poke fun of.

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Show Notes:

The Atlantic: Emma Green – “The Christians Who Mock Wokeness for a Living”

The Deseret News: Jennifer Graham – “How a preacher’s son made The Babylon Bee sting”

The Washington Times: Anthony J. Sadar – “BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness’”

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Tim Benson joined The Heartland Institute in September 2015 as a policy analyst in the Government Relations Department. @HeartlandGR