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Ill Literacy, Episode 54: Purchasing Submission (Guest: Philip Hamburger)

December 21, 2021

In Episode 54 of Ill Literacy, Tim Benson talks with Philip Hamburger, author of “Purchasing Submission: Conditions, Power, and Freedom.”

Heartland’s Tim Benson is joined by Philip Hamburger, Maurice and Hilda Friedman Professor of Law at Columbia Law School and President of the New Civil Liberties Alliance, to discuss Purchasing Submission: Conditions, Power, and Freedom. They talk about how the federal government increasingly regulates by using money and other benefits to induce private parties and states to submit to its conditions. They also chat about how expansive the problem is, and how conditions need to be recognized as a new mode of power by which government induces Americans to submit to a wide range of unconstitutional arrangements.

Get the book here:

Show Notes:

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National Review: Jonathan H. Adler – The Law of ‘ . . . or Else’

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