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In The Tank (Ep222) – Looking Back at 2019 and Star Wars Review

December 20, 2019

Heartland's Donald Kendal, Justin Haskins, and Jim Lakely are joined by Isaac Orr in episode 222 of the In The Tank Podcast.

Heartland's Donald Kendal, Justin Haskins, and Jim Lakely are joined by Isaac Orr in episode 222 of the In The Tank Podcast. With PBS hosting the latest Democratic Presidential debate, the panel asks, “why does PBS still exist?” Looking back at 2019, they discuss Obamacare, Net Neutrality, and whether or not “2019 was the year that climate change alarmism jumped the shark.” In the last 10 minutes, Donald gives his non-spoiler review of Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker.  



Dem debate #15 – Why does PBS even exist anymore?



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Donny Kendal is a graphic designer for The Heartland Institute and the host of Heartland's "In the Tank" podcast. @InTheTankPod
Justin Haskins is the Editorial Director and a Research Fellow at The Heartland Institute. @JustinTHaskins
Isaac Orr is a policy fellow at the Center of the American Experiment on mining and energy issues and a policy advisor for The Heartland Institute. @thefrackingguy
Jim Lakely is the Vice President and Director of Communications of The Heartland Institute. @jlakely