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Is Biden Trying to Unravel Trump RX Transparency? (Guest: Rea Hederman)

March 11, 2021

Joe Biden’s policies will further murk the waters on prescription price transparency.

RX pricing is extremely murky. Last year, President Trump took steps to address “rebate walls.” Rea Hederman, vice president of policy at the Buckeye Institute, explains how these “rebate walls” can drive up RX prices for consumers and steer them to less effective treatments. Changes were set to take place March 22, but President Biden delayed that until next year.  Additionally, Hederman discusses the “international indexing” pilot program for Medicare drug prices in “Part B,” and why on overall reform, this is an opportune time for states to make reforms to drug pricing transparency and practices such as tele-med.

Rea Hederman, The Buckeye Institute

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