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John Dietz: Pennsylvania's 40% tax on vaping products

December 28, 2016

Another Voices of Vapers podcast with John Dietz, Vice President of the Pennsylvania Vape Association, an advocate for vaping and tobacco harm reduction and has been involved in efforts to combat the Commonwealth’s 40% tax on vaping products.

Lindsey Stroud, government relations coordinator at The Heartland Institute, continues with another Voices of Vapers podcast. The series highlights the individuals involved in the vaping community and efforts to adjust the Food and Drug Administration’s deeming regulations that permit e-cigarettes and vaping devices to be regulated as tobacco products. The new rules threaten this billion dollar industry and also hinder the progress of tobacco harm reduction as many vapers have only been able to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes because of these devices. 

In this podcast, Lindsey talks with John Dietz, current Vice President of the Pennsylvania Vape Association. He focuses on state affairs, health technology, and public health policy. A former smoker for 22 years, John suffered health complications in the early 2000’s and now advocates for smoke-free alternatives. In 2016, John assisted in educating the public on vaping products, arranged meetings with legislators in an effort to reduce the Commonwealth’s 40% vapor tax, and he is co-organizing the Pennsylvania Tax Rally taking place in January of 2017.

You can find more information on the Pennsylvania Vape Association at or To find out more about e-cigarette regulations please visit our Alcohol and Tobacco place at  

Work from Heartland Institute staff. @@heartlandinst