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Laurie Lee: Arkansas School Choice Program Grows, Desegregation Law Still Holds Students Back

October 3, 2017

Laurie Lee, CEO and chairman of The Reform Alliance, talks about how Arkansas' Succeed Scholarship program has grown by more than 500 percent in the last year and what stands in the way of similar programs expanding.

Laurie Lee, CEO and chairman of The Reform Alliance, discusses the massive success of Arkansas' Succeed Scholarship for Students with Disabilities. Families are clamoring to participate in such programs, and put their names on waitlists in hopes of having access to educational alternatives. Lee explains how her organization helps advocate for more school choice, why giving families options is so important, and how antiquated notions and laws - such as desegregation laws - inhibit all children getting the best educations possible. 
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Teresa Mull is a policy advisor for education at The Heartland Institute. @SchoolReform