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Lessons From COVID-19 We Should Never Forget (Guest: Paul Alexander, Ph.D.)

May 13, 2021

Paul Alexander, Ph.D. joins the show to discuss everything we did wrong responding to COVID-19.

Paul Alexander, Ph.D. joins the show to discuss his article published April 23, by the American Institute for Economic Research, 14 Months Later: A Pathway Forward. Alexander, who is a health research methodologist in evidence-based medicine at McMaster University in Toronto, holds degrees in epidemiology and evidence-based medicine from McMaster and Oxford Universities.

Alexander’s article contains an easy to understand comprehensive list on the hard lessons the public has learned from the COVID-19 response. He discussed in depth how public health agencies utterly failed the small segment that was most at risk from dying from COVID-19: the elderly.

Alexander has some frank comments about the alarming rates of obesity and how this contributed to COVID-19 deaths. He states his thoughts on the COVID-19 vaccines and why they are inappropriate for individuals under the age of 70. Alexander discusses the management of group homes and how we could have better managed staff/resident transmission. Alexander also points out why he believes the SARS-COV2 virus is not a pandemic in the traditional sense. Pandemics impact all age groups in an equal way. The COVID-19 virus did not. SARS-CoV1 in 2009 was more lethal, yet the public managed with without huge, top-down lockdowns and restrictions.

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