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Lisa Linowes: Reaching Affordable Energy Through Tax Reform

December 12, 2017

Lisa Linowes of the Industrial Wind Action Group explains how tax reform can help Americans recieve affordable and reliable energy.

How can Republicans use tax reform to make American energy more reliable and affordable? Lisa Linowes of the Industrial Wind Action Group and Heartland Institute Research Fellow Isaac Orr discuss how proposed changes to the tax code could remove taxpayer subsidies to wind and solar that have caused electricity prices to increase and made the grid more vulnerable to supply interruptions.

Most of the funding for industrial wind projects comes from large financial institutions and large companies that use the tax credits for wind and solar to offset their tax liabilities. During the last 25 years, nearly all of the growth in wind and solar have been directly attributable to these tax credits. However, the proposed changes under the House and Senate tax reform bills could give this money back to American taxpayers. 

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Rob Port writes for The Heartland Institute.