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Lower Drug Prices Without Harming Innovation (Guest: Jeff Stier)

January 23, 2020

Director of Free to Choose Medicine Christina Herrin discusses with Heartland Policy Advisor Jeff Stier policy solutions to lower prescription drug prices without harming innovation, patent reform, and much more.

The desire to lower drug prices is one of the rare issues that both political parties agree on in this hyper-partisan era of Congress. Agreeing to a solution on how to achieve this remains an ongoing battle. Congress has the ability to influence this without hampering growth and development, but not through the hefty bureaucracy of the FDA. Free to Choose Medicine Director Christina Herrin invites Policy Advisor Jeff Stier to discuss how to go about this.

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Christina Herrin is the Campaign Manager for Free to Choose Medicine. @_Free2Choose
Jeff Stier is a Senior Fellow at the Consumer Choice Center. He is also a policy advisor to The Heartland Institute. @jeffastier