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Making Telemedicine User-Friendly so Doctors and Patients Use It (Guest: Dr. Samant Virk)

February 27, 2020

Virtual visits to the doctor’s office is a technology that hasn’t taken off. Dr. Samant Virk joins the show to explain its advantages.

It seems like much of the world has gone digital except for the visit to the doctor’s office. The technology is there but for a variety of reasons, virtual visits have not taken off. The American Medical Association’s most recent national survey found that 15 percent of physicians have used telemedicine in clinical settings. Virk designed MediSprout to make it easier for doctors to connect with their patients virtually. The program is free to physicians and available to patients for a $4 fee per visit.

Dr. Samant Virk discusses why telemedicine has not taken off like online retail or banking, how his personal experience led him to develop the program, how MediSprout works, how it differs from other telemedicine platforms, how it will allow doctors to deliver more and better care, what percentage of physician visits can be done virtually, how insurance companies have responded, licensing obstacles for physicians to deliver care in other states, how telemedicine can improve outcomes for influenza and the prevention of suicide, two areas where death rates have increased.

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