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Michael Melendez, Libertas Institute: Medicaid Expansion in Utah

October 24, 2017

Michael Melendez, The Libertas Institute’s Director of Policy, sounds off about left-wing Utah activists’ efforts to bring Medicaid expansion to the Beehive State.

Michael Melendez, the Libertas Institute’s Director of Policy, joins the show to talk about a potential ballot initiative campaign, hoping to pump up Medicaid, an already over-extended entitlement program, making thousands more dependent on a government welfare program.

Melendez says other states’ Medicaid expansion programs have consistently underestimated costs and enrollment numbers, because of Obamacare’s baked-in financial incentives. Instead of helping people, Medicaid expansion helps grow government.

Rolling back unnecessary government rules and increasing the supply of high-quality health care is the cure for an ailing health care system, Melendez says. The free market is the cure for what ails consumers and big government is the cause of the sickness, he says.

Instead of campaigning for more spending on an entitlement program known to wreck state governments’ budgets and decrease quality of care for patients, Melendez says, it’s time to get serious about wanting to help people by making health care more affordable with free-market principles.
Jesse Hathaway is the managing editor of Budget & Tax News, a publication of The Heartland Institute. @JesseinOH