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Miseducation Propaganda in U.S. Schools

September 8, 2021

Leftist propaganda in our schools is seemingly getting worse every day. A former schoolteacher highlights how bad it really is.

Miseducation is U.S. public schools is seemingly getting worse by the day. From Howard Zinn textbooks to Critical Race Theory, our students are being fed anti-American propaganda on a daily basis. Stopping Socialism's Donald Kendal and Chris Talgo explain in this episode of "Stopping Socialism."
Chris Talgo is the Editorial Director at The Heartland Institute and a research fellow for Heartland’s Socialism Research Center.
Donald Kendal is a graphic designer for The Heartland Institute, a research fellow for Heartland's Socialism Research Center, and the host of Heartland's In the Tank Podcast and Stopping Socialism TV. @InTheTankPod