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New Homeschooling Phenomenon: 'Road Schooling'

September 6, 2017

Caroline Makepeace joins the show today to talk about "road schooling," a type of homeschooling that allows Caroline and her husband to travel the world with their two children.

Caroline Makepeace, a mother of two elementary-school-aged daughters and former teacher, talks about how she and her family travel the world and make learning on the road not only a possibility, but an exciting adventure. Makepeace discusses how she and her family incorporate learning experiences - both mental and physical through the exploration of new cultures and places and the learning of new activities - into every new place they visit. Caroline Makepeace explains her family's inspiration to start "road schooling," some hurdles they've encountered along the way, and why the flexibility of the method is great for the whole family. 
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Teresa Mull is a policy advisor for education and an editor at The Heartland Institute.