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Open the Books to Increase Government Transparency (Guest: Adam Andrzejewski)

January 30, 2019

Adam Andrzejewski, CEO and founder of, speaks of his efforts to fight government corruption and increase transparency.

Adam Andrzejewski, CEO/founder of, joins the podcast to discuss the misuse of government funds. Today, is the largest private repository of U.S. public-sector spending. With Honorary Chairman Dr. Tom Coburn, the mission of is to post "every dime, online, in real time." has captured 5 billion government-spending records, including nearly all disclosed federal government spending since 2000; 48 of 50 state checkbooks; and 21.7 million public employee salary and pension records across America.

The group's aggressive transparency and forensic auditing of government spending has led to the assembly of grand juries, indictments, successful prosecutions, congressional briefings and hearings, subpoenas, and Government Accountability Office (GAO) audits, administrative policy changes, federal legislation, and much more.