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Revealing the Marxism Behind Black Lives Matter Groups

September 30, 2020

Black Lives Matter organizations across the country aren’t merely interested in racial equality. Learn the truth about their radical beliefs (from their own publications and websites).

Millions of people chanting “black lives matter” don’t realize that the organizations leading many of the mass protests over the past year are incredibly radical. If they knew the kinds of things they are openly calling for, the entire movement would change dramatically.

Stopping Socialism’s Justin Haskins and Donald Kendal explain in this episode of “Stopping Socialism.”

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Justin Haskins is the Editorial Director and a Research Fellow at The Heartland Institute. He is also the director of Heartland's Stopping Socialism project. @JustinTHaskins
Donald Kendal is a graphic designer for The Heartland Institute, a research fellow for Heartland's "Stopping Socialism" project, and the host of Heartland's In the Tank Podcast and Stopping Socialism TV. @InTheTankPod