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Sander's Outrageous Spending Plans

February 5, 2020

Heartland hosts Billy Aouste and Chris Talgo delve into Bernie's proposed spending plans should he become President. Find out just how much he wants to increase the budget today!

Going into the Iowa caucuses, Sen. Bernie Sanders looked to have a strong performance. Nobody could have predicted the results after it began, but assuming Sanders would come out on top, or at least near the top, was almost guaranteed. Since Sanders has such a strong chance at becoming not just the front runner but also taking the nomination, it is worth it to examine the costs of his limitless proposals. The total is obfuscated behind Bernie's unwillingness to commit to numbers and mere predictions from third parties, but lets do our best to pin down some facts about Medicare for All, his climate change plan, student debt elimination, and more on today's Heartland Daily Podcast.
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Billy Aouste was a new media specialist for The Heartland Institute until 2020.
Chris Talgo is editor and research fellow for the Stopping Socialism project of The Heartland Institute.