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Scott Ehrlich: How Health Insurance Is Supposed to Work

July 18, 2017

Republican efforts to replace Obamacare are hamstrung by a fundamental misunderstanding of how health insurance should work, according to Founder Scott Ehrlich.

You know an insurance system is working when only a fraction of the people are filing insurance claims. Relatively few people use auto insurance to pay for car maintenance or use homeowner's insurance to make home repairs. But people use health insurance for even routine visits for which they should pay cash, indicating our health insurance system is dysfunctional.

Congressional Republican proposals to replace Obamacare would improve upon the status quo but would reinforce the flawed public policy that worships health insurance as the center of our health care system, explains Scott Ehrlich, founder of, chief operating officer at DTC perspectives, and contributor to The Federalist, in this episode of the Health Care News Podcast hosted by Michael Hamilton.

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