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Single-Payer Horror Stories

September 16, 2020

Single-payer health care leads to bad outcomes, death panels, and rationing. We break it down o this episode of "Stopping Socialism."

Many people who support single-payer health care believe putting government in charge of health care is the only compassionate way to run a health system. But the truth is, when the government is in charge, no one wins.

In this episode of "Stopping Socialism," Justin Haskins and Donald Kendal discuss some incredible and horrifying stories to keep in mind before you support handing the health care keys over to the same people who can't figure out how to properly run the Postal Service.

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Donny Kendal is a graphic designer for The Heartland Institute and the host of Heartland's "In the Tank" podcast. @InTheTankPod
Justin Haskins is the Editorial Director and a Research Fellow at The Heartland Institute. @JustinTHaskins