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Solving the Nursing Shortage with Education Reforms (Guest: Dr. Arthur Keiser)

December 6, 2018

Dr. Arthur Keiser talks about his school, Keiser University, and the criticism of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos in trying to roll back Obama-era regulations on non-profit educational institutions.

America is headed for a health care provider crisis. According to the AP, 126,000 nursing positions will remain unfilled and by 2020 with a projected nursing shortfall of some 400,000 nurses who will be needed to provide critical care. Private colleges and universities are an important asset in training nurses who can fill these much needed health care positions. However, many Democrats in Congress are highly critical of Education Secretary DeVos’ efforts to roll back Obama era regulations that unfairly target private, for-profit and non-profit colleges and universities – schools that are graduating desperately needed nurses and other valuable health care professionals. Keiser University is one of Florida’s top producers of graduates in the field of nursing, and Dr. Arthur Keiser, chancellor and CEO of Keiser University, discusses how private college education – career oriented education – can help our nation fill our nation’s health care worker gap.

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Sarah Lee is a policy advisor for health care and a host of Heartland's Health Care News podcast.