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Supreme Court Ruling Could Spell Doom for Teachers’ Unions (Guest: Lennie Jarratt)

March 19, 2018

The United States Supreme Court is hearing a case that could spell the end of forced union dues. Without forcing teachers to pay, teachers’ unions may be on the way out says guest Lennie Jarratt.

Janus v. AFSCME is before the U.S. Supreme Court right now. Lennie Jarratt, project manager for The Heartland Institute's Center for Education Transformation, discusses the background of this case and its possible consequences for teachers’ unions. Janus could strip the unions of some of their long-held power, thus releasing politicians from their control and agendas. Jarratt also talks about policy issues occurring at the federal level and gives Betsy DeVos advice on what should be her focus.

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Lennie Jarratt is the former director of the Center for Education Opportunities at The Heartland Institute @LennieJarratt
Teresa Mull is a policy advisor for education and an editor at The Heartland Institute.