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Term Limits in Light of Impeachment

March 5, 2020

Hosts Billy Aouste and Chris Talgo discuss a recent article in The Hill making a renewed case for term limits, showing how 15% of Congress were around for both trials.

Term limits have been a discussion in American politics for quite some times. After the impeachment of President Donald John Trump, one has to wonder just how stale Washington D.C. has gotten. In fact, up to 15% of Congress were around for both his and the impeachment of former President William Jefferson Clinton, over a twenty year gap. Is a constitutional amendment needed to help kickstart innovation and stymie corruption in the nation's capitol, or do we already have that power in the first place through voting? Listen now and judge for yourself. 


The article:

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Constitutional Reform
Billy Aouste was a new media specialist for The Heartland Institute until 2020.
Chris Talgo is editor & research fellow with The Heartland Institute