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The Backroom Deals at the NIH Over Ivermectin (Guest: Peter Yim)

April 14, 2021

Peter Yim, a computer scientist and educator who’s been trying tolearn more about how the National Institutes for Health came to arecent decision to no longer recommend either for or against ivermectin for early COVID-19 treatment.

Peter Yim describes why he’s become personally involved in this issue. Yim has used the Freedom of Information Act to try to find out how an NIH panel came to its January decision after hearing the testimony of three physicians who presented a wide body of evidence the drug can keep COVID patients out of the hospital and alive.  Yim explains why he became suspicious of the NIH decision making process and describes how the agency is still stonewalling him.  Additionally, Yim describes how the panel misused a report when it provided a explanation of its decision.  Peter’s work has been published on TrialSite News and on his blog.  And you can follow #peterjyim on Twitter:  #NIHhasasecret 

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