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The Battle for Medicaid Work Requirements (Guest: Charlie Katebi)

July 16, 2018

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s efforts to add work requirements to Medicaid are headed to court under an Obama appointed judge.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, working off a letter from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that grants states the right to implement work requirements for Medicaid recipients, issued a waiver asking Medicaid recipients in Kentucky to prove they were working or seeking work. A group of plaintiffs then sued the Trump administration for approving Bevin's waiver. The judge, an Obama appointee, is set to rule in July. Bevin has said if his waiver is blocked, he will begin rolling back the Medicaid expansion in the state. The outcome of the Kentucky case has implications for Medicaid expansion in every state.

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Charlie Katebi is state government relations manager with the Heartland Institute
Sarah Lee is the managing editor of Health Care News and a research fellow at The Heartland Institute. @HCPolicy