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The Benefits of Direct Primary Care (Guest: Lisa Fisher)

September 10, 2018

How can direct primary care clinics lower costs and improve health care outcomes for Americans? Find out in this episode of the Heartland Daily Podcast!

Strada Healthcare, started in 2016, offered the DPC model to companies in Nebraska as a group plan for employees. This was offered before Nebraska finalized its own DPC pilot program for state employees in April 2018. Lisa Fisher, Director of Operations for Strada, explains the DPC model. Fisher explains how it can help address the shortage of primary care physicians and physician burn out. The DPC model helps foster better preventative care for employees and offers cost-savings to both companies who choose to offer it and to employees suffering under the threat of high premiums from traditional health insurance/doctor visit models. A white paper analyzing the benefits to Barton Plumping after a year of offering the DPC model to employees shows surprising and encouraging results.