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The Fight For Sound Energy, Transportation, and Economic Policies (Guest: Ken Girardin)

July 7, 2021

Energy policy is often not about the environment. Rather, it’s about money and political payoffs.

The Yankee Institute was at the forefront of efforts to defeat the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI) in Connecticut. TCI would have imposed a regionwide cap, trade, and tax system over Northeast states to force people out of their cars. It would have raised the cost of driving similar to the way the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative has raised the cost of electric power. Connecticut is stagnating and losing population and businesses due, in part, to his high regulatory and energy costs. These programs have nothing to do with protecting the environment but a lot to do with paying off key constituencies. Politicians want to appear green without actually being green.

H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D., is the Director of the Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy and the managing editor of Environment & Climate News.