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The Politics of Ayn Rand (Guests: Jonathan Hoenig, Amy Peikoff, and Richard Salsman)

May 9, 2019

How would the objectivist principles of Ayn Rand apply to modern day politics? Three objectivists and Ayn Rand experts join the show to highlight what’s right and wrong in America.

In this stirring episode about his new book -  A New Textbook of Americanism: The Politics of Ayn Rand - Jonathan Hoenig demonstrates that most people have no idea what the United States properly represents, and that today's hyper partisan politics presents false choices and few answers. Does America follow the objectivist principles laid out by Ayn Rand? Have we lost touch with what real Americanism is? What would Ayn Rand think about Trump? Check out this episode of the Heartland Daily Podcast to find out!

Jim Lakely is the Vice President and Director of Communications of The Heartland Institute. @jlakely