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Trump in Davos on the American Economic Boom and the Prophets of Climate Doom

January 24, 2020

Trump made explosive headlines in Davos this week. Director of Communications Jim Lakely and Research Director Edward Hudgins delve deep into the great economic news.

President Trump traveled to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this week and he had a lot of good economic news from the United States to share: record low unemployment, millions of new jobs, a booming energy sector, a new trade deal with China and a replacement for NAFTA. Trump also, remarkably, took on the “prophets of [climate] doom and their predictions of the apocalypse,” which have failed to come true for more than 50 years. Director of Communications Jim Lakely and Research Director Ed Hudgins break down some highlights from Trump’s economic speech, and how he was the only voice of reason at a conference filled with climate alarmists.
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Jim Lakely is the Vice President and Director of Communications of The Heartland Institute. @jlakely
Edward Hudgins is a senior fellow for The Heartland Institute.