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Vapin' in the Boys' Room? (Guest: Sally Satel)

May 21, 2018

There is a new public-health scare: children and e-cigarettes. Sally Satel examines the truth behind this issue.

In this episode of the Heartland Institute's Daily Podcast, Research Fellow Jesse Hathaway is joined by Sally Satel, American Enterprise Institute resident scholar, practicing psychiatrist and lecturer at the Yale University School of Medicine, to talk about a growing moral panic over e-cigarettes and children.

Many people are worried that e-cigarettes are being used by young people as a gateway to real cigarettes, Satel says. In one case, a Harvard pediatrician says teen use of e-cigarettes is literally "bioterrorism."

Overheated worries about underage use of e-cigarettes could obscure the massive potential benefits to the nation’s 38 million smokers. Two million individuals have already quit thanks to e-cigarettes, Satel says, and vaping products are already the most widely used smoking cessation tool.

Satel says it's important that people remain rational when finding things to worry about, adding that new smoking-cessation tools are an overall boon to public health, and not the malevolent new technology that some people claim they represent.
Jesse Hathaway is a policy advisor for budget and tax issues at The Heartland Institute. @JesseinOH