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What President Biden Needs to Do to Control COVID-19 (Guest: Peter Mccullough, M.D.)

December 16, 2021

Peter Mccullough, M.D. discusses why treatment options for COVID-19 are glaringly sparse.

The U.S. has been trying to manage the SARS CoV2 virus by limiting public behavior and pouring billions into vaccine development and hospital treatments, but little has been done to explore better ways to treat people before they get seriously sick. McCullough believes we have ignored one of the four pillars of managing the virus, specifically the early stages when people get sick. Countries all over the world are keeping people out of the hospital and alive because doctors have been repurposing existing drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to keep the virus from replicating.

- Physicians don’t want to treat COVID-19 on outpatient basis, why?

- Why hospitals and pharma want to maintain the status quo

- Why President Biden needs to address outpatient therapy specifically and appoint physicians who are on the front lines of treating COVID-19 on his task force

- Japan and other countries are now using favipiravir to treat COVID-19 early, similar to Tamaflu for flu. Why has the FDA blocked the use of this drug in the U.S.?

- Outpatient clinics need better access to antibody infusions

McCullough discusses the outcome from the two Senate hearings on early COVID-19 treatment, one on November 19 and another on December 8. He also discusses his updated early COVID-19 treatment protocol.

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