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Why Climate Alarmists Hate Nuclear

December 2, 2020

If socialists are truly concerned about “catastrophic” global warming, why are they against nuclear energy?

Progressives, socialists, and liberals say they are deeply concerned about climate change, which they believe will be "catastrophic." They also say climate change is being caused by humans' carbon dioxide emissions. Why, then, are they so opposed to nuclear energy, which seems to be the perfect solution for all of their problems? Stopping Socialism’s Justin Haskins and Donald Kendal explain in this episode of “Stopping Socialism TV.”

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Justin Haskins is the Editorial Director and a Research Fellow at The Heartland Institute. @JustinTHaskins
Donald Kendal is a graphic designer for The Heartland Institute, a research fellow for Heartland's "Stopping Socialism" project, and the host of Heartland's In the Tank Podcast and Stopping Socialism TV. @InTheTankPod