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Why Is the U.S. Losing the Battle Against COVID-19? (Guest: Dr. Elizabeth Vliet)

October 6, 2020

Despite its affluence and technological prowess, the U.S. is ranked 11th highest in the world for COVID-19 deaths. Why?

The United States is ranked 11th highest in the world for COVID-19 deaths. Why? What are developing countries doing that the U.S. is not? Dr. Elizabeth Vliet discusses a number of factors, most notably, the stubbornness of the medical establishment and government regulators against hydroxychloroquine. Vliet discusses how COVID patients with the right protocol have a better chance of success staying at home rather than going to the hospital and how healthy people can protect themselves in more effective and better ways than wearing recycled masks.

Dr. Vliet answers:

- Why the U.S. is ranked #11 in COVID deaths

- How at home treatment for COVID works

- Dr. Peter McCullough’s work at Baylor University, how hydroxychloroquine is helping health care workers from getting sick

- Why physicians are afraid to use hydroxychloroquine

- How masks can make people sick

- The push for vaccines

- If the U.S had more of a free health care market, if it would be in the mess that it is today

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