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Why Single-Sex Schools Are Growing in Popularity

December 4, 2017

Rebecca Mull, a Latin teacher at an all-girls, private school in New Jersey, shares insights into her teaching experiences at both co-ed and single-sex schools.

Rebecca Mull, a Latin teacher at an all-girls private school in New Jersey, talks about what it's been like for her to teach at both co-ed and single sex schools, and to attend a public, co-ed school herself. Single-sex schools are once more growing in popularity, and Mull shares how the girls she teaches now are more comfortable and confident than they would otherwise be at a co-ed school, and talks about the distractions inherent in co-ed schools, explaining why she would recommend single-sex schools 100% over co-ed ones.

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Teresa Mull is a policy advisor for education at The Heartland Institute. @SchoolReform