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Will Cohen: Vape a Vet Project

January 17, 2017

In this episode Lindsey talks with Will about Vape a Vet, how FDA regulations will impact his organization, and his efforts lobbying on behalf of active duty and veteran military members who have quit smoking by use of e-cigarettes.

In this Voices of Vapers, government relations coordinator talks with Will Cohen who established the Vape a Vet Project in 2013. A former smoker for over 15 years Will has been a vaper for 8 years. Taking his background in social services, Will established the 501c3 that provides “active and former Service Members with the equipment and knowledge necessary to switch to a healthier alternative at no cost to them.” Since the organization has been founded over 3,000 Starter Kits and 4,000 Care Packages have been distributed. A total of 82% of the individuals receiving the kits and packages “have successfully made the transition from tobacco to electronic cigarettes, or have quit altogether.” The organization is of great value, as according to the Centers for Disease Control, smoking prevalence is higher among people currently serving in the military than among the civilian population, and e-cigarettes offer another alternative that can save millions of lives, as well as dollars in health expenses.

Work from Heartland Institute staff. @@heartlandinst