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Wolfgang Mueller: Renewable Energy in Germany

May 10, 2017

Is Germany really a panacea of renewable energy?

In this edition of The Heartland Daily Podcast, Wolfgang Mueller, a founding member of the European Institute for Klimate and Energy (EIKE) and Heartland Institute Research Fellow Isaac Orr discuss the impacts of Germany's attempt to "transition" to renewable energy.

Germany's Energiewende, or "energy transition" has caused electricity prices in Germany to double in the last eight years. Germans pay approximately three times more for their electricity than people living in the United States. Despite the large price tag, Germany's environmental policies have failed to produce any reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, CO2 emissions have increased slightly since these policies were implemented. 

Isaac Orr is a policy fellow at the Center of the American Experiment on mining and energy issues and a policy advisor for The Heartland Institute. @thefrackingguy