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Climate Change
July 6, 2020
Climate Change Is Not Causing Wildfires or Ocean Acidification (Guest: Genesis Torres) Podcast
Increasing carbon dioxide levels is benefiting life on earth and is not causing an increase in wildfires or ocean acidification.
Climate Change
July 1, 2020
Africa's Energy Poverty is a Problem (Guest: Dr. Benny Peiser) Podcast
After undergoing their own industrial revolutions, many first world nations are telling Africa to stick to renewables. Here’s why this is a problem.
Climate Change
June 11, 2020
Why Oceans Really Aren't 'Acidifying' but the Term Is Being Abused by Science and Media (Guest: Caleb Rossiter) Podcast
Host Anthony Watts and Rossiter talk about how a pH of 7 is considered neutral, with anything below 7 considered acidic.

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