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Climate Change
April 28, 2022
Radical Environmentalists Have Been Lying for Decades Podcast
Anthony Watts highlights the lies radical environmentalists have told the public for decades on Earth Day 2022.
Climate Change
April 13, 2022
Unrealistic Demands From the Environmental Left (Guest: Ann Bridges) Podcast
Liberals want an all electric vehicle and renewable energy future, but refuse to mine for the critical minerals these technologies require.
Climate Change
March 2, 2022
What Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Means for Global Energy Markets Podcast
How does the Russia crisis hit energy, from CO2 to pipelines?

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November 10, 2021
By H. Sterling Burnett, Patrick Moore
In the quest for money and power over people's lives, radical environmentalists are collaborating with woke industry elites and politicians to push false climate and environmental disaster scare stories. The goal: make everyone else live with less.
July 14, 2021
By H. Sterling Burnett, Elizabeth B. Stelle
Fracking brought Pennsylvania low energy prices and a bolstered economy. Gov. Wolf, beholden to special interests, is doing everything he can to end oil and gas production in the state.
July 7, 2021
By H. Sterling Burnett
Energy policy is often not about the environment. Rather, it’s about money and political payoffs.
May 27, 2021
By H. Sterling Burnett, Jim Hollingsworth
Jim Hollingsworth's book, “Climate Change: A Convenient Truth” provides an easy to read point of view on the science, economics, and politics of climate change.
May 25, 2021
By Anthony Watts
The National Interagency Fire Center hid wildfire data before 1983 to try and show climate change is causing more wildfires.
May 5, 2021
By Justin Haskins, Donald Kendal
For some climate change lunatics, the answer to the “supposed” climate emergency is more than a little sticky.
April 13, 2021
By H. Sterling Burnett
Limits on fossil fuel development and use in developing countries to fight climate change, imposed through treaties and economic sanctions by developed countries disregards the needs of the poorest people around the world who need access to energy now.
April 8, 2021
By James Taylor
James Taylor responds to statements made by Joe Biden and other catastrophic climate change proponents.
February 25, 2021
By H. Sterling Burnett
Politics replaced engineering and science in Texas's power grid resulting in widespread failure when politically mandated and subsidized wind and solar power went offline during recent extreme winter weather.
February 2, 2021
By H. Sterling Burnett, Tom Harris
President Joe Biden's decision to go back on the United States' commitments and prevent the Keystone XL pipeline from being completed undermines trust by international partners, companies, and unions.