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Health Care
August 2, 2022
Democrats Go After Medicare to Shore up Obamacare (Guest: Phil Kerpen) Podcast
Congressional Democrats are pushing through a plan that shifts $288 billion away from Medicare drug spending and into Obamacare plans and Green New Deal ventures.
Health Care
July 25, 2022
Is Medicare Advantage a Bad Deal? (Guest: John Goodman) Podcast
Medicare Advantage plans are under attack following a report by the Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General.
Health Care
July 21, 2022
Why Is Biden Pushing Medical Debt Relief if the Affordable Care Act Is Working? Podcast
Obamacare was supposed to be affordable. Actions taken by the Biden Administration indicate this “affordability” is a farce.

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Health Care
April 25, 2022
By AnneMarie Schieber
The CDC, Department of Education, and numerous school districts claimed forcing children to mask up would keep schools open. This was clearly a lie.
April 20, 2022
By AnneMarie Schieber
In wake of the opioid epidemic, doctors and patients are turning to a FDA cleared, non-drug approach to treating pain called photobiomodulation.
April 4, 2022
By AnneMarie Schieber
The Biden administration is putting the brakes on the last vestiges of health insurance not operating under the coverage requirements of Obamacare.
March 30, 2022
By AnneMarie Schieber
Purdue Pharma, drug maker and distributor, has agreed to pay 26 billion dollars to settle state and municipal lawsuits for its role in the nationwide opioid epidemic.
March 22, 2022
By AnneMarie Schieber
The government is sending out free COVID-19 tests in the mail, despite the fact that many people accept that COVID is over.
March 15, 2022
By AnneMarie Schieber, Matt Dean
Matt Dean discusses why the thirteen states resisting federal pressure to expand Medicaid are doing the right thing.
March 9, 2022
By AnneMarie Schieber
If the pandemic taught us anything, it showed how critical open debate in science and medicine needs to be.
March 3, 2022
By AnneMarie Schieber
People love their health savings accounts (HSA).
February 8, 2022
By AnneMarie Schieber
Canadian truckers have had enough with draconian COVID-19 regulations that impact their ability to work. That’s why they formed the globally recognized “Freedom Convoy.”
February 2, 2022
By AnneMarie Schieber
President Biden announced that his administration is making available for free, 1 billion at-home rapid COVID-19 tests. Here’s what we should expect.