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Constitutional Reform
March 21, 2018
Constitutional Soundbites: A Glimpse into the Role of the President Podcast
In this episode of Constitutional Soundbites, David Shestokas analyzes the role of the president as well as how it differs from what the founders intended.
Climate Change
March 20, 2018
Outside Interests Pushing Michigan Towards Unaffordable Energy (Guest: Jason Hayes) Podcast
Outside interests with funding from billionaire Tom Steyer are pushing a Michigan ballot initiative that forces the state to adopt a 30% renewable energy mandate by 2030.
March 19, 2018
Supreme Court Ruling Could Spell Doom for Teachers’ Unions (Guest: Lennie Jarratt) Podcast
The United States Supreme Court is hearing a case that could spell the end of forced union dues. Without forcing teachers to pay, teachers’ unions may be on the way out says guest Lennie Jarratt.

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February 5, 2018
By Jesse Hathaway
The president of the National Right-To-Work Foundation previews what may be the most important Supreme Court case of 2018: Janus v. AFSCME, a case over whether government employees should be compelled to join labor unions to keep their jobs.
February 2, 2018
By Donny Kendal, John Nothdurft
John Nothdurft and Donny Kendal present episode #125 of the In The Tank Podcast. Today’s podcast features work from the MacIver Institute, and the Maine Heritage Policy Center .
February 2, 2018
By Christopher Talgo, Arianna Wilkerson, Edmund Contoski
Edmund Contoski joins the podcast to talk more about his new book The Impending Monetary Revolution, the Dollar and Gold, how Ayn Rand’s philosophy influenced his own work, and the need for currency to return to a gold standard.
February 1, 2018
By H. Sterling Burnett, Kesten Green
In 2007, forecasting experts J. Scott Armstrong and Kesten Green offered Al Gore a wager concerning future temperatures. The time is up and had Gore taken the bet, he would have lost.
January 31, 2018
By Teresa Mull
Through the new “Drawn to Discover” program, teachers are helping children overcome learning difficulties through cursive.
January 30, 2018
By Jim Lakely
It’s a known fact that government is never as efficient as the private sector. The question is, how far can privatization go? Two experts from the Reason Foundation give their thoughts on the topic.
January 29, 2018
By Adam Hoffer, Jesse Hathaway
Sin taxes are generally accepted, but do they outline a form of fiscal discrimination? Sin taxes affect some more than others, something that can hurt those in low income brackets while being negligible to higher earning individuals.
January 26, 2018
By Donny Kendal, John Nothdurft
John Nothdurft and Donny Kendal present episode #124 of the In The Tank Podcast. Today’s podcast features work from the American Legislative Exchange Council, the James Madison Institute, and Reason.
January 25, 2018
By Isaac Orr
Will investments in sustainable energy provide a positive return? California invested public employee retirement funds to find that no, they won’t.
January 24, 2018
By Teresa Mull
After a 7th grade girl was attacked in her school’s locker room, mother Karin Hughes expected action. Yet, she found the public school was more concerned with the perpetrators than the victims and offered little help for her daughter.