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Why Biden Is to Blame for High Gas Prices
June 23, 2022
From last week's In the Tank Podcast: Why Biden and his policies are to blame for high gas prices from REAL energy experts. @thefracking guy Watch LIVE at noon CT Thu 6/23 for our next episode.

June 23, 2022
From last week's In the Tank Podcast: Why Biden and his policies are to blame for high gas prices from REAL energy experts. @thefracking guy Watch LIVE at noon CT Thu 6/23 for our next episode.
June 23, 2022
The Heartland Institute's Donald Kendal, Jim Lakely, and Chris Talgo present episode 351 of the In The Tank Podcast. On this episode, the ITT crew talks about the current adminstration’s plan to destroy the reliable energy sector of this country. Also, they talk about the contradictions in everything Biden is doing as well as the likelihood that the Democratic establishment is gearing up to jettison Biden at the next opportunity. They talk about this and more in episode 351 of the In The Tank Podcast. OPENING CHIT CHAT – DEMS CUTTING BIDEN LOOSE? 538 – Biden Approval Rating CNN - Ocasio-Cortez won't commit to backing Biden in 2024: 'We'll cross that bridge when we get to it' The Hill - Biden can’t escape questions on his age THE PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF RELIABLE ENERGY Climate Champions - ‘Race to Zero’ campaign updates criteria to raise the bar on net zero delivery UN – Race to Zero Campaign BIDEN SUSPENDS FEDERAL GAS TAX CNN - Biden will call for 3-month suspension of gas tax, though officials acknowledge it 'alone won't fix the problem' Illinois Policy Institute - The Illinois Fuel & Retail Association has agreed to post signage notifying drivers of the delayed gas tax hike, and an explanation of why gas in Illinois is so expensive.'s%20gasoline%20tax%20hikes,be%20two%20hikes%20in%202023. Tax Foundation - How High are Gas Taxes in Your State?
June 22, 2022
Americans across the country are feeling the effects of self-inflicted natural gas shortages. Joe Biden and the Democrat party want to blame Russia, but the reality is that anti-energy policies put in place by the Biden administration pushed America into this costly hole. Linnea Lueken, research fellow on Climate and Environmental Policy at The Heartland Institute, discusses the facts, history, and policy surrounding liquefied natural gas (LNG). Simply put, LNG is essential to American energy sovereignty, lower electricity costs, and the capacity to support our allies abroad.
June 21, 2022
The Democrat party wants to blame Russia for soaring energy costs across the United States. Americans aren't falling for it. Biden's anti-consumer policies are designed to bankrupt the fossil fuel industry while forcing Americans to deal with the costly repercussions.
June 17, 2022
LIVE at noon CT on Friday, June 17: The Heartland Institute’s James Taylor, Anthony Watts, and Linnea Lueken cover the heat wave that gripped much of the United States this week. Are the world’s hottest cities really becoming uninhabitable because of man-caused climate change? The answer is “no,” and the climate and energy experts at Heartland will explain why. We will also cover “climate anxiety” among our misinformed youth, William Shatner crying about the planet he viewed from space, Joe Biden’s schizophrenic energy policy and messaging, and whether humans are to blame for the Great Salt Lake getting lower. Tune in LIVE and participate in the chat. We’ll put you on screen and answer your questions. OPENING BANTER William Shatner said he couldn’t stop crying after flying to space with Blue Origin because he was thinking about how Earth was getting destroyed MAIN TOPICS 1. We’re Having a Heat Wave! … and it’s totally normal. Heartland Daily News: World's hottest cities becoming uninhabitable because of climate change? Yahoo News: 'It's not tolerable anymore': Southwest residents endure more severe heat waves thanks to climate change AP: Fires, heat waves cause 'climate anxiety' in youth Harvard: If climate change keeps you up at night, here's how to cope 2. Biden grovels to Saudi oil barons, threatens American oil producers and shuts down drilling Biden threatens oil companies with 'emergency powers' if they don't boost supply amid inflation spike Biden Administration Cancels Lease Sales in Alaska and The Gulf 3. Speaking of Heat Waves: Great Salt Lake is shrinking due to climate change? NYTimes: As the Great Salt Lake Dries Up, Utah Faces An ‘Environmental Nuclear Bomb’ Is global warming evaporating the Great Salt Lake?
June 16, 2022
The Heartland Institute's Donald Kendal and Linnea Lueken are joined by Isaac Orr from the Center of the American Experiment and Jason Hayes from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy for episode 350 of the In The Tank Podcast. On this episode, the ITT crew talks about all the excuses that are being spun to shield the Biden Administration and his energy policies from the rising prices for gas and energy. The ITT crew sets out to separate the facts from the fiction. OPENING CHIT CHAT WSJ - Climate-Change Censorship: Phase Two GAS PRICE RISE NARRATIVE Fox Business - Record high gas prices: West Virginia, Montana, Colorado see biggest weekly jumps Washington Post - Fossil fuel leasing program undercuts Biden's climate goals, report says AP News - Biden tells oil refiners: Produce more gas, fewer profits ExxonMobil – Response to Biden IER - Another U.S. Refinery Slated to Close ENERGY SHORTAGES WSJ - Why Electricity Blackouts Are Coming to Michigan Washington Post – A summer of blackouts WSJ - ‘That Could Never Happen in America,’ I Once Thought Reuters - U.S. Midwest may have summer power shortages for years,responses%20over%20the%20next%20year.&text=One%20gigawatt%20can%20power%20about,on%20a%20hot%20summer%20day
June 9, 2022
Heartland Institute President James Taylor was a guest on Tipping Point on OANN the other day. He was asked to comment on what host Kara McKinney called a "clown show" of energy policy pushed by President Biden and the Democrats in Washington. Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow spoke excitedly about driving an electric car and not worrying about gas prices. Taylor called that a "clown car" and offered a lot of substantive analysis of our wrong-headed energy policies in this quick hit. For more information on The Heartland Institute and its work on climate and energy policy, visit the links below.
June 9, 2022
The Heartland Institute's Donald Kendal, Jim Lakely, and Chris Talgo present episode 349 of the In The Tank Podcast. On this episode, the ITT crew talks about the upcoming January 6 hearings, the general state of the economy, and the Biden Administration’s doubling down on renewable energy. We talk about all this and more on episode 349 of the In the Tank Podcast. AWAITING A FINANCIAL HURRICANE? POTUS TWEET – “America has achieved the most robust recovery in modern history” White House - Remarks by President Biden on the May Jobs Report CNBC - Jamie Dimon says ‘brace yourself’ for an economic hurricane caused by the Fed and Ukraine war Fortune - Former U.S. Treasury head Larry Summers says a recession is ‘the most likely thing’ Yahoo - Tesla: Musk’s Economy Warning Demands Attention, Says Morgan Stanley Markets Insider – (Counterpoint: JPMorgan's chief economist says there's no reason to be worried about a US recession, with the private sector in 'remarkable' shape NPR - Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says she was wrong about the risks of inflation (video) Janet Yellen ignores question about inflation and government spending DOUBLING DOWN ON UNRELIABLE ENERGY Barron’s - Yellen Says New Biden Investments Can Counter Inflation USA Today - Biden is using the Defense Production Act to make more solar panels, other clean-energy technology
June 2, 2022
The Heartland Institute's Donald Kendal, Chris Talgo, and Jim Lakely present episode 348 of the In The Tank Podcast. On this episode, the ITT crew talks about how Jim survived Covid! The gun grabbers are really ramping up their rhetoric, and Don’t worry folks, when it comes to inflation and rising gas prices, Biden has some solutions. We talk about all this and more on episode 348 of the In the Tank Podcast. OPENING CHIT CHAT Jim survived COVID! GUN CONTROL PROPOSALS Fox News - Beto O'Rourke says AR-15 owners shouldn't 'be able to keep them' Newsweek - Gun Debate Updates: Biden Supports Ban on Assault Weapons, White House Says USA Today - Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau proposes ‘national freeze’ on handgun sales INFLATION AND GAS CONTINUE TO SPIRAL Axios - U.S. gasoline prices hit new record on Memorial Day weekend Forbes - Democrat Big Oil ‘Price-Gouging’ Bills Advance In Congress The Hill - Biden lays out plan to fight inflation National Review - GOP Governors Come Out against SEC Climate Rule CNN - Health and Human Services announces new office focused on the environmental risks to underserved communities
May 19, 2022
The Heartland Institute's Donald Kendal, Jim Lakely, Chris Talgo, and Linnea Lueken present episode 346 of the In The Tank Podcast. On this episode, the ITT crew talks the Disinformation Governance Board being “paused,” gas and diesel prices hitting all-time highs … again, and parents struggling to find baby formula. OPENING CHIT CHAT National Review - Biden Administration Considers Shutting Down Disinformation Board amid Blistering Criticism: Report GAS AND DIESEL HIT ALL TIME HIGHS … AGAIN USA Today - The average gas price is above $4 in every state. How long will they continue to rise? Fox Business - Price of diesel hits all-time high, straining the trucking industry The Federalist - Diesel Prices Hit All-Time High, Meaning Soon So Will The Costs Of Everything You Buy Washington Post - Yellen warns of global ‘stagflationary’ risk from gas, food prices BABY FORMULA SHORTAGE Heartland Daily News - How Government Created the Baby Formula Shortage The Federalist - The FDA Was Making It Difficult For Moms To Get Baby Formula Long Before The Supply Chain Imploded
May 12, 2022
LIVE at noon CT on Thursday, May 12. The Heartland Institute's latest Thursday episode of the flagship In the Tank Podcast will cover the Biden administration dangerously encouraging illegal protests at the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices, how inflation and energy prices just keep going up, and the latest on the ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) scores. SHOW NOTES OPENING BANTER (I’ll try to think of something light, but then we’re gonna get into some heavy stuff.) THREATS ON SCOTUS AND OTHER PROTESTS Fox News: Wisconsin anti-abortion group targeted in Molotov cocktail arson attack Jen Psaki still refused to condemn protests outside the HOMES of conservative SCOTUS judges, despite it being a federal crime “that is the president’s position.” VIDEO CLIP: It’s OK to incite violence on Twitter — as long as it’s against the right Senate passes bill to expand protection for Supreme Court justices to their families Reddit: Group called ‘Jane’s Revenge’ threatens more violence VIDEO CLIP: “Ruth Sent Us” invading a Catholic Church during Mass INFLATION AND ENERGY COSTS STILL RISING Inflation barreled ahead at 8.3% in April from a year ago, remaining near 40-year highs Heartland/Rasmussen Poll: Vast Majority of Voters Worried About Rising Energy Prices, Favor Increasing Drilling in the US With Gas Prices Rising, Texas Oil and Gas Well Production Surges ESG - ENVIRONMENT, SOCIAL, AND GOVERNANCE McPherrin: ESG Ratings are Counterproductive, Hypocritical, and Anti-American
April 29, 2022
Streamed LIVE at noon CT on Friday, April 29: Climate Change Roundtable Host Andy Singer and Heartland's Linnea Lueken and Jim Lakely cover the truth about global carbon dioxide emissions and the indispensable nature of fossil fuels. Visit these sites.