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Government and Politics Videos - EIF Joe Walsh

EIF Joe Walsh
September 12, 2012

July 26, 2016
Emily Zanotti, Jon Henke, and Lachlan Markay speak at a CPAC 2016 panel sponsored by The Heartland Institute titled "Darker Money: How Leftist Billionaires Have Built a Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy" on Thursday, March 3, 2016.
May 12, 2016
Together let’s rethink environmental objectives, align incentives with goals, and affirm the notion that human beings are an integral part of the natural order. In 1934, former U.S. Forest Service official Aldo Leopold, godfather of the modern environmental movement, wrote that “restrictive laws” had “largely failed” in their mission to conserve America’s forests, rivers, and other natural resources. Less than 40 years later, however, as various events pushed environmental concerns into the public spotlight, lawmakers from both parties championed legislation far more sweeping and restrictive than any Leopold had witnessed. How well did these “restrictive laws” work to right environmental wrongs? Why did so many miss the mark? And how should we go about improving our policies?
April 15, 2016
On April 3, 2016, The Heartland Institute’s Author Series featured F.H. Buckley, author and foundation professor at George Mason University School of Law with his eye-opening, recently published book titled, “The Once and Future King: The Rise and Fall of Crown Government.” Buy "The Way Back" on Amazon today:
January 21, 2016
The keynote address comes from founder and CEO of Mainstreet Zeke Turner. His presentation, titled “Beyond Health Care Reform: How Mainstreet Is Transforming Lives and Disrupting Bureaucracy,” describes certificate of need laws and other regulations hindering the growth of his company.
November 19, 2015
This event was streamed live on November 18, 2015. Speakers: Illinois State Rep. Jeanne Ives; Illinois State Rep. Margo McDermed; Kathleen Murphy of the Illinois Opportunity Project; Amy Jacobson, AM 560 The Answer radio personality; Jeanette Ward, Board of Education member on district U-46’s school board; Heidi Holan, Republican candidate for State Representative in District 46. Moderators: Elizabeth Yore, former general counsel for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services; and Hilary Till, a world renowned financial expert who is active in Illinois and national politics.
June 12, 2014
Author Andrew C. McCarthy was at the Heartland Institute on June 12 to discuss his new book "Faithless Execution: Building a Political Case for Obama's Impeachment."
July 26, 2013
Former Illinois state Sen. Roger Keats discusses Chicago politics, the pension crisis in Illinois, and his new book "Chicago Confidential."
May 21, 2013
Author Keith Koeneman discusses his new book "First Son: The Biography of Richard M. Daley." This event and video is part of The Heartland Institute's Author Series, held on May 16, 2013. Keith Koeneman writes about Chicago history, politics, and culture. He also teaches and speaks as an expert on Chicago mayoral politics on television and radio. He holds advanced degrees from Harvard, University of Chicago and Northwestern University, and a liberal arts degree from Carleton College. Koeneman lives in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood.
November 16, 2012
Yaron Brook speaks at a Heartland Author Series Event on November 14, 2012. The rise of the Tea Party and the 2010 election results revealed that tens of millions of Americans are alarmed by Big Government, but skeptical that anything can or will be done to stop the growth of the state. In Free Market Revolution, by Yaron Brook and Don Watkins, the keepers of Ayn Rand's legacy argue that the answer lies in her pioneering philosophy of capitalism and self-interest -a philosophy that more and more people are turning to for answers.
September 12, 2012
tates such as Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma made major progress towardsphasing out their state's income tax this year, leading the Wall Street Journal to call it"The Heartland Tax Rebellion." Many states 2012 moved to cut taxes, reducespending, and manage government debt. With the 2012 election ahead, what is thelikely future of budget and tax policy?
September 12, 2012
August 22, 2012
Obamacare threatens to bankrupt states and the nation, violates the Constitution, will lead to rationing by bureaucrats, and does nothing to bring health care spending under control. Dr. Jill Vecchio, national director of state chapter development,Docs4PatientCare; Georgia State Sen. Judson Hill; Christie Herrera, vice president of Policy Foundation for Government Accountability