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Videos - Brad Rodu discusses Tobacco Harm Reduction

Brad Rodu discusses Tobacco Harm Reduction
March 21, 2013
Brad Rodu discusses Tobacco Harm Reduction.

June 10, 2013
On May 29, 2013, Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) spoke at the Union League Club in Chicago about the threats to Medicare Part D and the state of health care in America. Part D has proven that a modernized system -- one that funds prescription drugs, focusing on the neediest seniors, and avoiding price controls on prescription drugs -- can bend the cost curve down AND provide quality patient service.
June 6, 2013
Some of the leading lights of the conservative, libertarian, and free-market movements talk about The Heartland Institute upon its 25th Anniversary Dinner in 2009.
May 21, 2013
Author Keith Koeneman discusses his new book "First Son: The Biography of Richard M. Daley." This event and video is part of The Heartland Institute's Author Series, held on May 16, 2013. Keith Koeneman writes about Chicago history, politics, and culture. He also teaches and speaks as an expert on Chicago mayoral politics on television and radio. He holds advanced degrees from Harvard, University of Chicago and Northwestern University, and a liberal arts degree from Carleton College. Koeneman lives in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood.
May 16, 2013
Joseph Bast, President of the Heartland Institute and Dr. Herbert Walberg, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Heartland Institute discuss their book "Education and Capitalism: How Overcoming Our Fear of Markets and Economics Can Improve America's Schools" on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the book's release.
May 15, 2013
John Lott discusses his new book 'At the Brink: Will Obama Push Us Over the Edge?' as part of the Heartland Author Series on April 24, 2013
May 13, 2013
Heartland Institute Science Director Jay Lehr was interviewed by the "Today Show" on NBC on May 13, 2013 to talk about the "milestone" of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hitting 400 parts-per-million (ppm). Dr. Lehr was the "skeptical" voice in what was mostly a story of panic.
May 8, 2013
In this new book, "Dodd-Frank: What it Does and Why It's Flawed," Hester Peirce and a team of contributors at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University ask whether the law is an effective response to the financial crisis that so deeply rattled our nation. Taking a hard look at the law's celebrated objectives, they reveal that it not only fails to achieve many of its stated goals, it also creates dangerous regulatory pathologies that could lay the groundwork for the next crisis.
April 26, 2013
Jay Lehr, science director of The Heartland Institute, was on The Neil Cavuto show to discuss the fallout from the Texas fertilizer plant explosion. (April 25, 2013)
April 24, 2013
Baishali Bomjan, associate director of the Centre for Civil Society's Academy in New Delhi, India, discusses the role of the Center for Civil Society in India.
April 18, 2013
The Heartland Institute's James M. Taylor, senior fellow for environment policy, was honored that several Arkansas legislators invited him to testify earlier this month on a bill that would impose renewable power mandates in Arkansas. Renewable power mandates impose punishing costs on the economy and the environment. The Arkansas bill's feed-in tariffs requiring renewable power production from small-scale facilities were particularly costly and troubling. See the following links for more Heartland coverage of this topic:
March 21, 2013
Brad Rodu discusses Tobacco Harm Reduction.
March 20, 2013
Apollo 7 Astronaut and author Walter Cunningham and two former NASA engineers discuss why they are urging government agencies to cease their "unbridled advocacy" of Anthropogenic Global Warming & Return Integrity to the Scientific Method. The video features presentations by Cunningham; Harold Doiron, consultant to NASA and commercial rocket developers; and Thomas Wysmuller, meteorologist, New York University and the Royal Dutch Weather Bureau. Recorded on March 15, 2013. For more information on The Right Climate Stuff crew, visit